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Reasons For Using Concrete in Construction

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘concrete jungle’ many times, typically used to describe megacities. While it is sometimes used negatively, the truth is that our cities are built from concrete. From roads to buildings, concrete is a widely used construction material worldwide.

We have your back if you’re looking for concrete in Vancouver Washington. No matter your construction project, concrete may be the right choice for you. So you’re probably looking for concrete contractors in Vancouver Washington.

Well, Vancouver Concrete Co.. is at your service for all concrete construction projects. Here are three reasons you should consider using concrete in your construction project.

Reasons For Using Concrete in Construction

Concrete, as a material, has several advantages. Here are three main reasons why you should consider it:


Concrete comprises two main components: an aggregate and a bonding agent. The sum is typically sand or gravel, whereas the bonding agent is cement. However, there are other binding agents as well, such as bitumen.

This concrete composition with an aggregate and bonding agent makes it highly durable. It’s known for lasting longer than most commonly used construction materials like wood or steel.

How is it more durable than these materials? Well, it’s not susceptible to environmental damage. It cannot get rusted like metal or rot like wood, strengthening its structural integrity. Similarly, it doesn’t burn, so the basic structure might even survive a fire.

More importantly, concrete only gets more durable and resilient over time. This material hardens with time, so the older the concrete, the stronger it is (with proper maintenance).


Construction is one of the leading industries when it comes to carbon emissions. Whether it’s the transport of materials or construction machines, the carbon footprint of the construction sector is taking a toll on our environment.

The good thing is that concrete doesn’t have emissions, i.e., it doesn’t produce carbon dioxide. It allows concrete structures to be a lot more eco-friendly.

Secondly, concrete is recyclable. Broken concrete from ancient structures is often turned into aggregate to make new concrete. It’s also helpful in building roads, so concrete can continue to build systems for a long time.

If that’s not enough, concrete can also retain heat inside the structure, which means less heating requirement in winter. It makes it energy-efficient for systems that use central air conditioning and heating.

Many Applications

Another significant advantage of concrete is that it can be used for various construction purposes. It’s not limited to making walls of a building or a highway. For instance, the fences and poles alongside roads and buildings are often concrete.

It can be molded into any shape, handy in unconventional architecture with curves and angles. Many innovative architects prefer concrete over other materials. They can manipulate it to create unusual shapes and structures that ordinarily wouldn’t be possible or too expensive to build with conventional wood or glass.

Concrete also plays a significant role in urban infrastructure. It’s not just a material for making buildings or apartment complexes. It’s most popular in infrastructure projects like bridges, overpasses, underpasses, etc.

Every major city needs these structures for a reasonable commute, which helps cities grow. Concrete contractors Vancouver Washington, have significantly connected Ohio with the Ohio Metropolitan area. Many of those roads and bridges are made of concrete.

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